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Baby`s Treasures Box "Sweet baby" boy -big

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Baby`s Treasures Box "Sweet baby" boy -big  - a box for the fisrt treasure of a baby  /first hair, umbilical cord, first jewel, etc./.

The size of the box is 30х20х12 cm., is it decorated with paper with original design, relief ornaments, acrylic paints.

Along with the box, you will get as a gift:

Two handmande mini boxes sizes 7x7 cm to keep the umblical cord and the first hair of the baby; 2 tags on which you can paste small photos of the baby, leave wishes or annotate important dates and events.

* If you wish to personalize the box with the baby's name, please write your requirements as a comment to the order and we will take them into account.

You could make an individual order to e-mail: info@blestunka.com, we shall propose you different variants, taking into account your demands.

The order processing period is 3-4 days.

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