This is our F.A.Q.

Missing products.

If your favorite product is missing -  you could make an individual order to e-mail:info@blestunka.com or www.facebook.com/blestunka

Could you send the product I purchase as a gift to someone?


Yes, in case of payment method other than cash(collect) on delivery, we can send the products as a gift to the person and address indicated by our customer. The gift will be personalized with all necessary data, given before the shipment. We can fullfill a greeting card with a text chosen by our client or proposed by us, depending on the reason for the gift.


How could I make an order for  a specific product elaboration?


You can make an individual request to our e-mail: info@blestunka.com, by using our contact form, by a phone call to our numbers or leaving a personal message ino our faceboo page. Due to the fact that all our products are handmade  minimal differences between photos of products displayed in our store and those elaborated in an individual order are possible.


Is it possible to chose a method of shipment different from the proposed?


Yes, it is possible. You will have to consult it and clarify it with us before finalizing you order.


What is the approximate price and delivery time of international shipments?

For international shipments it takes between 2 nad 25 working days.

The prices vary depending on the country and point of delivery. The delivery price for Europe starts at 3.20 EUR.

Before finishing the order you will see the shipment`s price. You can always write to us in order to know more details or to propose shipping alternatives.