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A jewellery box "A lace dress"

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A jewellery box "A lace dress": hand decorated, original jewellery box with sizes 16х16х7 cm.

In the decoration of the box a mixed technique has been used that includes the use of different materials: paper, metal, textile, lace, acrylic paints and special effect pastes.

The box is an excellent complement that could add personality to the space where it is placed and at the same time it is a refined place to store your jewellery.

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Hand-decorated boxes for jewelry and all kinds of treasures are a wonderful gift for everyone who likes beauty in accents and interior details; they can add a unique and specific style.


For a more complete gift, you could choose a jewel and put it in the chosen box.


If you can`t find the box you are looking for, you could place an individual order to e-mail: info@blestunka.com, we shall propose you different variants, taking into account your demands.

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