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Baby`s Treasures Box "Sweet baby and bears"

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Baby`s Treasures Box "Sweet baby and bears" -   a box for the fisrt treasure of a baby girl /first hair, umbilical cord, first jewel, etc./.

The size of the box is 16х16х7 cm., is it decorated with paper with original design, relief ornaments, acrylic paints.

Along with the box, you will get as a gift:

Two handmande mini boxes sizes 5.5x5.5 cm to keep the umblical cord and the first hair of the baby; 4 tags on which you can paste small photos of the baby, leave wishes or annotate important dates and events.

Mini album of size 12х9 cm, decorated with paper of original design; contains 6 pages and two back covers, on which you can paste small photos, whishes or information of important events. Between the inside pages there are two pockets, in which you could also save tags with photos or text.

* If you wish to personalize the box with the baby's name, please write your requirements as a comment to the order and we will take them into account.


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by Анелия М., 25 Oct 2019

Кутията се превърна в супер подарък за малката принцеса. Благодаря за бързата доставка.