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Bracelets "Sisters''

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Crochet bracelets "Sisters" - A tender bracelet with original design, made in antique gold colour, olive green, black, white... Hand-woven silk, decorated with organza ribbon and metal buttons.

The bracelet is standart size, with a width of  17 cm.


A similar bracelet could be elaborated  with measures, colors and decorations by your request.

To make an order: write us to our e-mail or leave us a message in our facebook page.


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Bracelets "Sisters''Bracelets "Sisters''Bracelets "Sisters''Bracelets "Sisters''Bracelets "Sisters''Bracelets "Sisters''Bracelets "Sisters''Bracelets "Sisters''Bracelets "Sisters''Bracelets "Sisters''Bracelets "Sisters''Bracelets "Sisters''Bracelets "Sisters''Bracelets "Sisters''Bracelets "Sisters''Bracelets "Sisters''Bracelets "Sisters''Bracelets "Sisters''Bracelets "Sisters''Bracelets "Sisters''Bracelets "Sisters''Bracelets "Sisters''Bracelets "Sisters''Bracelets "Sisters''Bracelets "Sisters''Bracelets "Sisters''Bracelets "Sisters''Bracelets "Sisters''Bracelet "Brightness''Bracelet "Brightness''Bracelet "Brightness''Bracelet "Brightness''Bracelet "Brightness''Bracelet "Brightness''

by Sara, 16 Oct 2019

Very nice bracelets, I'll buy someone

Bracelets could be worn with both casual and official clothes. They can be combined with a ring, a necklace or a brooch.